Why Us: Heating and Air Owasso OK

Well-Trained, Licensed, and Insured

There are so many reasons why you should choose Eklund for heating and air Owasso, OK services. One of the most important and relevant aspects is because we are licensed. This guarantees that you will have a skilled technician show up to your job specifically to get it done with higher standards and more knowledge. We’re educated and experienced in this trade and are able to work more efficiently because we have invested time in training and achieving these certifications that determine us as trustworthy candidates to get the job done. We are also insured which offers peace of mind for you in knowing you are covered if anything were to go wrong. We hire the best technicians in the industry which confirms you are protected and thought about with every step of our services. We proactively focus on details that other companies typically overlook. We consider these aspects of our business an absolute must to truly give you high quality service you can trust. Our team has a combination of experts in this skill and trade who are licensed and honest. We have you covered with insurance so you don’t have to worry about the “what if” scenarios.

Text Message Notifications

We hear people all the time who are really frustrated with the other Owasso heat and air companies that they have chosen to go with in the past because they just couldn’t show up to the job on time. It also really frustrated them that the technician didn’t even reach out to notify the client that might be late or unable to show up at all. Punctuality is really important to us as well as open communication. That’s why we guarantee that we are going to have on-time arrivals to the job site so that you can expect us at the time we say we will be there. We know life can get so busy and you have carved out time in your schedule to be there and are relying on us to keep our word. We also send a text message notification when we are on our way as an additional confirmation. This text message really demonstrates the culture that we have within our company of staying in touch and making sure you are acknowledged and cared for with every step of our process. It’s a small courtesy that makes a big difference.

Background Checked Technicians

You’ll really appreciate that we go the extra mile to background check our technicians you’ll see at the job site. This is really important because having strangers in your home can be a little bit uncomfortable, no matter who it is. This is why we take every precaution to make sure our Owasso heat and air technicians that you welcome into your home are trustworthy to be around you and your family. Our mission is to provide you with the feeling of safety and confidence during the scheduled visit. We want you to choose us for a lifetime and we understand this starts with the level of satisfaction you feel with who shows up at your home or business. That’s our promise to you, that you’ll never have to worry about the Integrity or character of the person that we send to you at your home for the services you have hired us for. In fact, it’s our highest hope that you will even enjoy the visit because we hire friendly people that we would want to hang out with ourselves.

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certified Technicians

There are so many reasons that you should choose us as your Owasso Heat and Air company, including the fact that our technicians are North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified. This requires our technicians to go an extra step in regards to becoming certified. They have to take additional exams that proved that they have further training and are more skilled in their trade. Being NATE certified is not required in the state of Oklahoma but serves as a benefit when working with our experienced staff. Our team goes out of their way to perform the additional testing required to achieve this level of excellence. It’s one of the several ways we stand out from others in this area. We believe it’s never a bad idea to capitalize on opportunities that provide additional training and certification. Our Owasso heat and air staff is proud to have these certifications because it adds to their knowledge in the trade which prepares them to be more skilled in the job they are doing. For you, this means you are hiring the team that is able to get the job done with a higher level of confidence and proficiency.

Upfront & Flat Rate Pricing

You’ll really love that we won’t add additional pricing to your final bill for services that you have not agreed to. We won’t surprise you with unwanted fees or services! Our way of operations is very simple because we are looking to make your life easier. We offer up-front pricing because we want you to be able to budget properly for the job you are expecting from us. It wouldn’t be fair for us to hit you with some sort of fee later on, and since we value honesty at our company, this just simply won’t happen. Flat-rate pricing is another way that we keep things simple and easy for you. We do everything we can as your trusted Owasso heat and air company to guarantee that you know what to expect from us and can keep up with all of the details. You’ll know what to expect when you work with us because we will communicate throughout the project and make sure that we consult with you before any new service is added to your bill. We’re here for you!