Air Conditioning Replacement

We are your Owasso heat and air company that you can trust to replace your air conditioner at the most affordable price. Sometimes life happens and it can be a little bit frustrating to have this unexpected expense pop up in the midst of your circumstances. We are here to offer the solutions that will be doable for you and your family. We’re competitive with our pricing because we understand how inconvenient it is for you to find yourself in a situation where you need to have your entire unit replaced. We empathize with you and raise our standards while lowering our prices so that you can have the efficient air system back in your home or business that you deserve as quickly as possible. We also respond to inquiries quickly so that you don’t have to go any longer than necessary without air conditioning in the hot summer. Our team strives to do a great job so that you can have comfort in your life once again, without having to worry about if they did a good job or not.


Furnace Replacement

We offer Owasso furnace repairs, helping you save money from purchasing a new system. We will take a look at your furnace and see how old it is to determine whether or not replacement is the best option for you. We are always aiming to save you money and hassle, so we’re not going to have you replace your furnace unless you actually need to. Our experts will look at indicators of whether or not repair fees are your best option or if we should fully replace the furnace because of issues that could come up in the future that may cost you more in the long run. The age of the furnace is a consideration as well as the potential repairs needed we can determine options for you with confidence. Our Owasso heat and air experts will educate you with options but also will give you advice and guidance for what we believe to be your best solution with longevity in mind. If you have any questions, reach out! We would be happy to address your concerns and offer free quotes and no-trip charge for first-time customers!

Air Conditioning Maintenance

It would be wise to have your air conditioning system maintenanced at least once a year. Generally people choose to do this in the springtime just before the weather really warms up. This is a good time to do this because it prepares you for the summer and ensures that you will be proactively preventing unwanted surprises in the summer with your air conditioning system when the temperature really rises. This is also a good way to reduce the chance of you having to have anything repaired or replaced in the future that would cost you more money. This maintenance could really save you in the long run by ensuring that you are taking the best action with preventative care on your unit. We love to help you stay ahead of the game with our routine maintenance visits for your unit, no matter how new or aged it may be. Schedule a maintenance appointment with our Owasso heat and air experts to maintain your air conditioning system. We will also inspect it for potential future issues that can be avoided.

Furnace Maintenance

Another routine maintenance appointment you should be loyal to is your annual furnace maintenance appointment. We recommend your furnace to be looked at in the fall before the temperatures start dropping. This is the safest practice because it ensures that your furnace will be running efficiently by reducing any sort of safety hazards. During this visit the Eklund Owasso heat and air technician will look at a number of aspects during the maintenance check-up. They will make sure that your burners are tested which also affects the blowers that blow the heat out of your ducts throughout the home. Another aspect of this process that is extremely important is when we get into the combustion chamber and vacuum out any sort of debris or dust that has been building over time to keep it new for longer. Everything that we do has you in mind during every step of the process so that we can ensure you are receiving the high quality service that you are expecting. We highly encourage the annual maintenance in the fall to keep your unit running at its highest capacity for as long as reasonably possible.

Air Conditioning Repair

We offer air conditioning repairs as well! Have you been avoiding getting your air conditioner checked out and need an Owasso heat and air team of experts to evaluate it? Have you noticed that it isn’t working quite like it used to but you aren’t really sure what elements to look at in regards to if it’s time to have it maintenanced or not? If you are concerned for any reason, whether it be because it’s been a long time since you had it looked at or because it’s starting to make funny noises, it’s important that you schedule a time to have it looked at by our professionals. At the very least we can give you the peace of mind in knowing what to expect in regards to what needs to be maintenanced and how soon. If a repair is needed, of course we will give you an idea of how much you will need to budget for as well. Sometimes your air conditioner won’t even make funny noises, so in that case, how can you know? Oklahoma isn’t a territory you want to chance it with considering the summer season is overwhelmingly hot. We are here to help by making sure nothing is causing your unit to be clogged like layers of dirt that have built up over time.

Furnace Repair

Another way we can help as your Owasso heat and air company is with furnace repairs. This service is extremely valuable to you because Oklahoma can get bitterly cold in the winter months. We are here for you to call on for fast support when your furnace goes out on you. We are fast at responding because we are aware of how uncomfortable it is when you can’t seem to break the chill at home no matter how many heated blankets you have. We reduce the risk of you waiting around for someone to show up to get your heating system running efficiently again. You and your family deserve a reliable company that responds to your urgent needs as fast as possible. We have extensive knowledge about all of the different parts and ducts that work together to heat your home through the complex system and don’t want you to risk damaging anything in attempts to fix it yourself. Our affordable pricing makes us a great solution for furnace repairs. Why would you chance breaking anything when we are supporting you for Owasso heat and air repairs? You can rely on us to act fast with competitive pricing.