About Us: Heat and Air Repair Owasso, OK

Our Values:


You may be wondering why you should choose Eklund for Owasso heat and air to service your heating and air system? For starters we find it really important to hold a high level of Integrity with ourselves and in the way we business. We know that it’s important for you to have a company you can trust to not only get the job done well but also on time and with an affordable price that you will love. We started this business with the intention to give back to the community in a way that really stands out from any others in the region. We’re very passionate about offering the highest quality of services. Are you tired of working with other companies who are unpredictable? Maybe you’ve been burned by added fees at the end of your project for services you never agreed to. We hear stories like this all the time and have experienced it ourselves in the past and that’s why we make every effort to go against the reputation that this industry has been known to have. We truly value every opportunity to work with new and existing clients and it shows in the work we do. Call us today!


So have you worked with other heating and air contractors that were not completely honest in their interactions with you? Did it frustrate you when you got hit by hidden fees on your final bill for services that you didn’t even agree to? Are you really frustrated because you and your spouse had a very particular budget and this really threw everything out of whack because you couldn’t afford the new service that was added without your permission? We are extremely understanding of this and that’s why our Owasso heat and air team will consult with you before we do anything further that was not previously discussed. We will always speak with you personally about the details and price of the project before assuming that you want a service done without first being notified. Honesty is a core value for us and that’s why we are very committed to this process that allows you the peace of mind knowing what to expect from us. We’re very aware that you work extremely hard for your money and that you want to spend it somewhere besides on air conditioning and heating expenses. Since we are so grateful for the opportunity to work with you, we do everything in our power to make sure that we are all on the same page at any given time.

Affordable Pricing

Another huge part of working with Eklund as your Owasso heat and air company is our ability to offer the most affordable pricing. This means that you’ll be able to spend your money on things that you love and need, and not no heating and air repairs. We want you to be able to spend your hard-earned money on concert tickets, golf tournaments, and whatever other hobbies you may have rather than draining it into repairs and new services. We aren’t wanting you to spend any more than what is necessary to get your heating and air system back in working order. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice high-quality services for the more affordable pricing. In fact we actually offer the highest quality services in this area and are extremely committed to the highest standards for our staff (see our why us page for more detail). We take pride in what we do and that is what really sets the tone for our work ethic. We aren’t satisfied with the job that we’ve done for you until you are satisfied. Our Owasso heat and air technicians will also reduce chances of us having to come back to the job site for sloppy or unfinished jobs because we get it right the first time to save you your most valuable resource which is your time. Our self-awareness and expectations are high.


Have you ever had the misfortune of a heating and air contractor not showing up on time? Did you feel undervalued and disrespected? We understand that you have places to be and you expect for your Owasso heat and air service provider to stay committed to the time that was agreed upon. For instance, you probably had to take off work early to make it home for your scheduled appointment at 2:00 PM, but perhaps they didn’t show up until after 5:00 PM. Even worse, they did a sloppy job when they did finally show up. Punctuality is a core value for us at Eklund, so we stay loyal to scheduled appointments and even send you a text notification when we are on our way. We want to do all that we can to make sure you don’t have to worry about whether or not your Owasso heat and air company will come through for you. One reason we are really particular about this is because it is the foundation for success for success in any business. In our experience, we have found that perpetually late people are not mindful or aware of themselves in the least bit. Punctuality sets the foundation of greater success and that is why we stay loyal to practicing it.

All of these qualities are what make us the best choice as your Owasso Heat and Air company. We know that not every company in this region truly values their ability to provide premium services which is why we are very particular about the services that we provide. We hold ourselves to a higher standard because we truly care about the differences that we are making in the community. We want to do work that we are proud of and that’s what really holds us accountable in providing the highest quality of services to you. When working with us you’re setting yourself up with an advantage by working with a company that has expectations and high standards. You’re also going to experience top-notch customer service that is driven to offer affordable solutions in your life. Our Owasso heat and air staff is also extremely friendly and willing to go above and beyond for you to ensure you are completely satisfied. We over-deliver what’s expected of us because we consider every job as an opportunity to make an impact. Our whole team works together towards the common goal of being reliable in regards to pricing, punctuality, and quality. Call us today for all Owasso air conditioning repair or HVAC replacements. We are excited to work with you!